Commerce & Creativity

Here at Shutterbug we strive to bring you a mix of product information and tests as well as the end result of using all that gear—great images by a diverse group of photographers. While some issues are more geared toward one side or the other, this one’s got a healthy helping of both.

On the creative side, we are sharing the work of an eclectic range of photographers, from those who venture underwater to record the mystery and beauty of one of the most feared, but, as the photographer tells us, misunderstood creatures on earth, to a master of the craft who chooses photography as the venue to show us his evocative constructions. We also have an amazing group of images that display the stars and solar systems around us, the results of an annual contest run by an esteemed organization that gazes skyward.

On the business side, we have an in-depth look at the stock photography market from a group of seasoned pros. I am sure you will find them informative and some of their comments eye-opening.

On the gear side, our aim is to bring you as much diversity in one issue as we can, given the amazing range of product categories our craft encompasses. In this issue we have software, lighting, and camera tests, some done by our testing lab and others by photographers who take a perhaps more subjective but no less thorough look at what’s at hand. We also have a special story on our Quick Picks from products introduced since the turn of the year, a summation of what’s now appearing on shelves and what might be to come.

All this reflects our editorial philosophy of bringing you our take on the amazing craft in which we are engaged, and the many options open to us in both capture and expression of how we see the world. Yes, knowledge of the pros and cons of gear we are considering is important, but as important to us is just how we can use that gear to make images that reflect our concern with and vision of our own personal space and perceptions. One serves the other, and we hope that in that regard we serve you well.

Finally, we are always open to your comments, suggestions, and ideas. While we do admire and feature the work of “seasoned” pros, you will notice that we don’t limit our coverage to only those practitioners of the craft. If you feel up to it I encourage you to query me to receive our editorial guidelines at to possibly share your projects and how-to articles with your fellow readers, and to take part in our monthly Picture This! assignments. One of the aspects of Picture This! I particularly enjoy is the fact that you can now look at, and comment upon, other readers’ submissions. This not only shows you the diversity of “takes” on the assignment but also allows you to dialog with those photographers whose images you find striking and to share your own thoughts and reactions to comments your own images receive. Just click on the Galleries tab on our homepage at to see what I mean.