Impossible Project Reimagines Instant Film Photography for the Digital Age

It may seem improbable, but the long-rumored instant film camera from The Impossible Project is finally a reality, with the introduction of the Impossible I-1, scheduled to begin shipping within the next two weeks. This reimagined camera uses Impossible’s new I-type film as well as standard 600-type film.
The I-1 features a built in ring flash for diffused light that’s perfect for portraits. Used alone, it functions as a simple point-and-shoot instant camera, but when used in conjunction with an iPhone and app the creative possibilities emerge.  When coupled to your iPhone, you can experiment with light painting and double exposures, as well as access additional controls like aperture and shutter priority and manual modes.

The Impossible team acquired some of Polaroid’s assets back in 2008 and embarked on a project to modernize the business and sell their own instant film. Along the way, they have repeatedly hinted that a new camera was in the works. The I-1 will be available for $299 on the Impossible website as well as in a limited number of stores. There will also be a bundle for $349.99 that includes the camera and three packs of film.