eXplorer Tripods: The Best-Kept Secret on Three Legs

You’ll be forgiven for not recognizing the eXplorer brand of affordable, high-quality camera supports, because it’s only been around for several months. But if you’re in the market for a premium model designed for shooting in the field, these full-featured carbon fiber tripods deserve a close look.

Designed by Australian firm Explorer Photo Video, along with an array of unique ball heads, LED lights, and other photo accessories, the tripod line includes four extremely well built carbon fiber models all designed for shooting in the field, with maximum stability, performance, and limited size and weight.

We’ve been shooting with the EX-Expedition model, and it sets itself apart from so-called travel tripods in a significant way. That’s because, unlike those from other manufacturers that sacrifice stability in favor of compactness and minimum weight, the Expedition offers bombproof support, and is still eminently packable for backpacking and other outdoor pursuits.

Like the other three other tripods in the eXPlorer line, the Expedition is beautifully finished, features metal fittings for strength and reliability, comes complete with a precision ball head, and boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio for carrying and shooting in the field.

All eXPlorer tripods feature standard Arca Swiss-type clamps for fitting camera plates, L-Brackets, and other accessories. One unique feature is that both sides of the hub include threaded bushings for mounting articulated arms to hold LED lights and other gear.

At the top of the line is the Ascent Pro that supports 57 lbs. and extends to 59 in. It only weighs 3.5 lbs., and when folded measures just 20.5 in. The four telescoping leg sections open and collapse with twist locks, are constructed of 10-layer carbon fiber, and extend outwards for low-angle shooting as close as 3.5 in. to the ground.

The EX-Expedition we’ve been using has proven to be a faithful all-purpose friend despite its compact size—and the companion ball head is superb. This model also features 10-layer carbon fiber for strength, with legs than can be angled out for shooting low to the ground—a great option for macro photography. Conveniently, the Expedition can be quickly converted to a monopod for use in cramped conditions or when shooting fast action.

Explorer Photo Video is a family-owned and operated team of photographers in Sydney, Australia We recommend visiting their website to view the full range of tripods, ball heads, LED lights, and other camera accessories. You’ll like what you see.