Innovative Photo Accessories That Caught Our Eye

It's a new year and time to take a fresh look at accessories that make photography more fun.

Lume Cube Edge LED Utility Lamp
Billed as a "dimmable home office desk light," Lume Cube's freestanding lamp is far more versatile than it appears at first glance. It offers USB-C and USB-A charging ports on its 29-inch rotating arm (great to keep your Apple Watch or cellphone fully charged while you work), fully adjustable color temperature (3200° to 5600°) and easy touch-control of the 7-inch LED panel.

The swingarm has five pivot points that make it simple to position just exactly right and the constant, tunable output never flickers or fades. The 112 LEDs deliver 700 Lumens, 95+ CRI rating and 1700 lux at .5 meters.

It's the perfect desk lamp, but it's also great for lighting small objects for impromptu product photography. Moreover, you can use two Lume Cube Edge LED lights to illuminate your video presence and give your Zoom calls a bright, colorful appearance. Order one Lume Cube Edge from Amazon for $129 or a pair for $239.

If you're into Circadian Rhythm, do what I do: begin your day at the 5600° setting to emulate daylight and end the evening set at 3200° to simulate sunset. I don't know if this is scientifically valid, but I often fall asleep at the keyboard so at least it works for me.

NANUK N-PVD Photo Backpacks and Bags
Revered for their versatile and extremely durable hard-shell cases, NANUK offers an innovative selection of photo backpacks, a messenger-style shoulder bag and a photo duffle bag. I have been using the NANUK N-PVD 30L for about two months now and I really appreciate the features. It weighs just 4.4 pounds empty (2 kilos) and measures 22.4 x 11.8 x 8.6 inches (57 x 30 x 22 cm) and holds more than I need for a day's shooting, including a 16-inch laptop. You can order the NANUK N-PVD 30L Photo Backpack from NANUK for $299. Optionally, you can visit the NANUK Store on Amazon to peruse the full lineup of legendary NANUK carry solutions.

Although I haven't used one, the NANUK Messenger Bag N-PVD 15L appears to be a terrific option when backpacks are inappropriate. It specs out at 17.7 x 13.8 x 6.3 inches (45 x 35 x 16 cm) and provides 15 liter capacity (hence the name 15L). The messenger bag is available directly from NANUK for $219 and from

3 Legged Thing LevelHed
Turn any standard tripod (i.e., that uses a 3/8-16 screw mount) into levelling base tripod to gain greater adjustability without diddling with the tripod's legs. Widely known as a manufacture of premium tripods, L-brackets, bags and other photo accessories, 3LT has been offering a levelling head (the Levelling Base) since 2021. The new LevelHed improves on the previous design and incorporates several ergonomic refinements based on customer feedback. Watch the video here. It's available in metallic slate grey with copper accents, and 3LT’s Darkness colorway, a stunning matte black. Cost is $139. Find your local 3 Legged Thing dealer by clicking here.

PGYTECH Mini Reverse Ball Head
A useful tool that solves several problems for tripod users, the omnidirectional PGYTECH Mini Reverse Ball Head offers 360° panorama sweep and the ability to switch quickly from landscape to portrait orientation. Their patented locking screw mechanism adds an extra measure of stability, and the Arca-Swiss compatible design makes attachment and removal fast and secure.

The PGYTECH Mini Reverse Ball Head costs $79 and can be ordered directly from the PGYTECH webstore. Alternatively, you can order from Amazon. Smartphone shooters, you are not left out. You can order the accessory Mini Phone Holder for $19.

—Jon Sienkiewicz


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