Peak Design Micro Clutch: The Mini Wrist Strap You’ve Always Wanted

Peak Design just announced the presale Kickstarter launch of the Micro Clutch, a minimalist hand strap specially designed for today’s mirrorless cameras. Shutterbug had the chance to use a sample for a few weeks and it looks like PD has hit Pay Dirt once again.

Compared to conventional full-frame DSLRs, modern mirrorless cameras have slimmer bodies. That’s great except when you’re trying to get a good grip. The Peak Design Micro Clutch provides exactly what’s needed to maintain a solid handhold on the camera when shooting and when at rest, with or without neck strap.

Featuring a recycled aluminum base plate with a sliding screw slot and a one-piece Hypalon hand pad with rotating pivot points, the Micro Clutch can be adjusted for maximum comfort and security. Included is a hideaway adjustment tool that facilitates rapid access to the camera’s battery compartment.

The Peak Design Micro Clutch comes in two flavors. For cameras that have an integral grip, the “L” model provides a contoured fit. The “I” (as in eye) model is for cameras that do not have a built-in grip.

Does it Work?
It took a few seconds to figure it out (and five minutes to find the hideaway tool because it really is hidden away) but once I attached it to my camera I realized the benefits. I’ve been a big fan of wrist straps for years and often wrap the camera neck strap around my wrist a few times when I’m not using a wrist strap.

The Peak Design Micro Clutch is comfortable and provides a firm, secure grip. It can be used simultaneously with any Peak Design strap or other strap via Peak Design Anchor Links.

Shutterbug rarely (as in practically never) covers products that are still in the crowdfunding phase, but Peak Design deserves an exception for at least two reasons. Over the past dozen or so years, PD has released one stellar photo product after another. Straps, bags, travel tripods, clips—accessories that are widely used by pros and amateurs alike.

The other big reason why Peak Design stands out is their unflagging series of success stories on Kickstarter. Peak Design is the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company, having raised an incredible $34.4 million through 10 Kickstarter campaigns. They are 100% crowdfunded and 100% employee-owned.

Price & Availability
The Peak Design Micro Clutch (both “L” and “I” versions) have an MSRP of $64.95 and launch today with a 23% presale discount on Kickstarter (Kickstarter price is $50). They’re expected to be available direct-to-consumer in early July.

The Peak Design Micro Clutch is PD’s eleventh campaign and it’s as much symbolic as strategic. In any case, it gives consumers a chance to get in the game early and benefit from the 23% discount as indicated in the Kickstarter offering of $50 for either style.

—Jon Sienkiewicz