UPstrap Products Approaching Sunset?

One of my favorite camera straps and a brand that’s widely used by professionals is going away. I’m sad to confirm the rumors that UPstrap production is ending soon, likely by the end of this year. The message today is simple and clear: if you want to buy one of the professional camera straps that I think are the best on this planet, order one now.

UPstrap’s website is called, and they still have most styles of their outstanding products in stock, available for delivery. They also list complete specifications so you can be confident you’re ordering a strap suitable for your camera setup, even if you regularly tote a long heavy lens on a pro-sized DSLR.

We first gave a shout out to UPstrap in 2015, but truth be told, I’d known founder/owner Al Stegmeyer for a while prior, and I’d used his amazing camera straps even earlier. For a comprehensive look at UPstrap carrying straps check this review from 2017.

So what is so hot about an UPstrap professional camera strap?

First and primary, UPstraps are designed to firmly hold their position on your shoulder. They stay up. Period. They feature a rubber pad that has natural traction without being sticky or leaving a black smudge. The rubber pads are sized to match the width and duty of the strap, so you can have shoulder-hugging security even with a lightweight strap.

UPstraps are simply designed and very strong. Most camera straps attach one of two ways: either by being looped through small rectangular openings (like on a Canon DSLR) or to a metal split-ring that hangs from a stainless steel post (like on a Nikon DSLR). UPstraps come in both styles. Straps are made from nylon or leather. Some incorporate Kevlar fiber in their fabric. I have some UPstraps that have been in constant use for several years and still show no visible signs of wear.

The hardware (the guides, keepers and fasteners) are better quality too. The release clips are military grade and the cord loops are made of vectran, a liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) that’s five times stronger than steel according to the manufacturer, and durable against abrasion and flex stress.

UPstraps are comfortable when worn around the neck, over the shoulder and when worn bandolier (crossbody) style. Their generous length makes it easy to change your carrying mode to match the camera or situation. Additionally, UPstraps are 99.9% USA-made products.

There are many styles to choose from—check their website for specifics—and are covert and under the radar, meaning that they don’t attract unwanted attention like some camera straps can. The straps supplied by camera makers are beautiful in most cases, but in truth they are billboards for the brand and shout, “Hey everyone, expensive camera right here!”

The often marginalized camera strap is the one piece of photo equipment you touch the most. It rides your neck or shoulder, providing safety and support for your camera. You should never have to worry that it could fail or spontaneously become detached. And you shouldn’t have to bother with it slipping off your shoulder. This is why I recommend UPstraps.

—Jon Sienkiewicz