Choosing Wisely: Peak Design Straps

Peak Design Camera Strap Innovation: It All Starts with the Anchor Link

It's a simple design, one that's crazy with innovation, ease-of-use and durability. Attach Peak Design Anchor Links to the strap eyelets on your camera. Choose a Peak Design SlideSlide LiteLeashCuff or Clutch. Those labels translate to Wide Strap, Medium Strap, Narrow Strap, Wrist Strap and Handgrip. Change freely and easily from one carry style to another. Setting up on a tripod? Make is easier by quickly removing the strap altogether.

Peak Design's camera strap system offers unrivaled quality, ingenuity and convenience. And they look damn good, too.

New Coyote Colorway
Today Peak Design announced an all new color — Coyote — to accompany the existing Black, Ash, Midnight and Sage — colorways. Before you yawn and say, "New color? So what?" be reminded that PD adds new colors about as often as the rules of chess change (to paraphrase Samuel Clemens).

Even more important, reinforcing their clear position as an environment-forward company, the new Coyote Leash and Coyote Cuff straps contain 35% recycled nylon. They're PD's first straps to contain recycled webbing material.

We declared, "Peak Design Camera Straps are the Most Innovative in the World" in our deep dive review last year. And we also warned about counterfeit and knock-off Peak Design Anchor Links that can put your camera at risk. Additionally, we covered PD's collab with SITKA and embraced WotanCraft genuine leather straps that use authentic Peak Design hardware.

And by the way, Peak Design makes a bunch of other stuff, including some of the world's best camera bags, slings, photo backpacks, camera clips, smartphone accessories and one helluva travel tripod.

Key Features
All of the features and quality you've been enjoying for nearly 10 years, plus a new color.

Reasons to Buy Today
Outstanding quality
Unparalleled operational flexibility
Outstanding, chic aesthetic design
One strap can serve many cameras
Peak Design is Carbon Neutral
Overall outstanding value at an affordable price
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Reasons to Shy Away
Your dog ate your camera and you no longer need a strap
You're saving money to buy a new dog

Sum & Substance
We've been using Peak Design straps since they first became available. They're comfortable (that's highly important), very strong (even more important) and easy to attach and remove (sometimes most important of all). Quality is impeccable and the styling is highly attractive without being ostentatious.

Price & Availability
Available now (initial quantities may be limited). The new Coyote colorway is available in four of Peak Design's SKUs:

• Peak Design Coyote Cuff ($34.95)
• Peak Design Coyote Leash ($44.95)
• Peak Design Coyote Slide Lite ($59.95)
• Peak Design Coyote Slide ($65.95)

Order directly from Peak Design. While on their website, check out their inventory of money-saving pre-owned bargains. Or visit the Peak Design Store in NY, LA or Tokyo, or an Authorized Peak Design Dealer near you.

—Jon Sienkiewicz