Covering The Photo Beat; Camera Bags, Battery Grips, And A Digital Proofing System

Tenba’s Mixx Bags: Lightweight And Handy
Tenba has launched their first major enthusiast/prosumer collection called Mixx. This new collection comprises a broad range of bags—from small pouches and top load bags for point-and-shoot cameras and single SLR setups to shoulder bags and a daypack to fit larger camera systems. Mixx is both colorfully styled and incredibly lightweight, and all bags maintain Tenba’s dedication to professional-quality construction, materials, and hardware.

Each Mixx product is lighter weight at its size and capacity than any similar product Tenba has ever offered. This was a major goal from the beginning of the collection design. The materials and hardware used in each bag meet the “no compromise” level that has continued to be Tenba’s signature, including YKK zippers and Duraflex clips. The Top Load bags, Shoulder Bags, and the Photo Daypack all include Tenba’s exclusive WeatherWrap, the fastest deploying all-weather cover around.

The Mixx collection includes three Pouch sizes, the largest of which was designed to be a perfect fit for the Canon PowerShot G9 and G10. For an SLR with a single lens there are two sizes of Top Load bags that can be used with the supplied shoulder strap or attached to a belt.

Small- and large-sized Shoulder Bags fit cameras with extra lenses, flash, and accessories. And finally, the Photo Daypack is a comfortable and supportive way to carry both a camera system and the other items you might need during a full day of shooting, like food, an umbrella, and a jacket.

Mixx products range in MSRP from $11.95-$74.95.

Photo Daypack

Contact: Tenba, 8 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (914) 347-3300;

Battery Grips From Zeikos
Zeikos Inc. is now offering six battery power grips for the most popular models of Nikon and Canon cameras. All of the grips come with AA adapters so you can use either the camera-specific batteries or AA batteries when your camera battery runs low. Grips will be available soon for Olympus and Sony cameras.

Contact: Zeikos Inc.;

The M-Line two: An All-Round View Camera From ARCA-SWISS
ARCA-SWISS has developed two new view cameras, the M-Line two Single Lens Reflex (SLR) and the M-Line two Medium Format (MF). These are all-round cameras that allow you to work from 35mm to 4x5” film format or use with digital backs. ARCA-SWISS has a vast selection of accessories that can transform the M-Line two into a 6x9 medium format or even a 4x5” camera. On the Monolith system, tilt/swing and shift are incorporated onto a single standard. On the M-Line two, they have been separated: shift on the rear standard and tilt/swing on the front. This offers the advantage of being able to maintain the same angle of view because the shift is positioned at the rear.

The M-Line two is part of one of the largest photographic systems currently available and is compatible with all D-SLR cameras. All traditional medium format film backs are compatible with the M-Line two. The usable focal length extends from 28mm for the M-Line two SLR and 23mm for the M-Line two MF, to infinity.

Contact: ARCA-SWISS, Inc.; (773) 248-2513; e-mail:

TAP’s Digital Proofing System
The Digital Proofing System was designed to display images in an album, folio, easel frame, or folder and hold one CD/DVD in a retractable sleeve hidden in the back panel. The album is available in 8x10” and 10x10” sizes; the folio in 10x10” size (holds two images); the easel frame in 4x6” and 5x7” sizes; and the folder in 8x10” size. The album and folio colors include black, gray, burgundy croc, bronze, and cinder metallic. The easel frame and folder colors are titanium, kettle, black, and white.

Easel Frame




Contact: TAP; (800) 827-5679;