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Next go to the "Newest" gallery to see photographs of a soulful Richie Havens, a jazzy Dee Dee Bridgewater, and a poised Nir Kabaretti conducting the Santa Barbara Symphony orchestra, all of which capture the personality of the performer in action. I liked the operatic images (especially "Madame Butterfly") in the Studio & Location gallery but there's more, including studio portraits of ballerinas and a wistfully nostalgic image from "A Lovely Sunday for Créve Coeur" that avoids all of the clichés of theatrical publicity shots and succeeds on its own as a mighty fine photograph. As an opera fan I loved all of the images in the Opera gallery, especially the group shots from "Marriage of Figaro" that are, like the best of Bazemore's images, full of color and action.

© 2006, David Bazemore, All Rights Reserved

Advisory: Violent images. Photojournalism is a tough game. You're exposed to moments of violence, desperation, and sadness as well as those of intense joy. Kevin Moloney is a photojournalist who has seen and photographed it all from the Columbine school shooting to forest fires to labor picket lines. All of this is captured with consummate skill in his Portfolio that clearly demonstrates Moloney's obvious passion for his work.

In Stock Images you'll meet the other side of Moloney: the one with a twinkle in his eyes who skillfully blends cute pictures of dogs with muscle and exotic sports cars in a colorful, Erwitt-esque pastiche that delights the eye and the soul. Over in Recent Work, you'll find a cinematic essay on Manaus, Brazil, which combines a dynamic audio soundscape of photographs of fishermen, their work and catch, that brings the graphic reality of how that filet of sole made it from the sea to your dinner plate. Throughout it all, Moloney's photographs neither glamorize nor denigrate his subjects, allowing them their own space and time to define themselves, while he captures that elusive moment in time. The site design is just reasonably competent, but Moloney's images are spectacular.

© 2006, Kevin Moloney, All Rights Reserved