5 Easy Tips to Shoot Frame-Worthy Travel Photos as a Tourist (VIDEO)

Travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert is currently in French Polynesia and during his trip he booked himself on 4x4 off-roading tour with a group of tourists. Seems like it would be difficult to shoot attractive travel photos when you're on a crowded touristy tour, right? Not so!

In the below video, Lambert shares what he learned about travel photography while shooting images during that tourist excursion.

"I realized how difficult it might be to get good photos when you're a tourist, even when you're going with your parents or with your family or with friends who are not photographers, it can be very tricky to get good shot," he says. "So, I thought I'd share with you five tips, five things I think can really, really help to get good shots, better than the rest of the crowd. Just because it's touristy doesn't mean it's ugly, because look at the place we went yesterday, it's insane."

Here are the five travel photography tips he explains in the below video:

#5 Timing

#4 Use Filters

#3 Compose Better

#2 Capture Emotions

#1 Travel with Other Creators

So, watch the clip – which is worth it for the sound of the waves and Polynesian sunsets alone – and then go visit Lambert's super YouTube channel for more photography videos.