Pro Tips for Shooting Epic Travel & Vacation Photos (VIDEO)

Capturing images of your travels involves many of the same techniques used when shooting other forms of outdoor photography. But there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind if you want optimum results.

What’s different about photographing out-of-town trips is the key goal of telling a story with your imagery. This way the viewer can really appreciate your excursion. While visual storytelling can be an important component of many images you shoot, it’s almost essential when documenting trips.

In the video below, a British pro reveals the tips and techniques that make his travel imagery so special. Andrew Lanxon’s work takes him to all corners of the globe, shooting everything from travel and landscape photographs to macro and more. In today’s episode he concentrates on travel—whether you’re taking a short weekend car trip, traveling across the country, or flying abroad for the vacation of a lifetime.

Lanxon’s straightforward advice is appropriate for both beginners and more experienced shooters, and doesn’t require any exotic equipment. He covers a variety of topics from finding ideal locations, how to get the job done without carrying a lot of gear, and much more.

The video begins with a discussion of equipment, and Lanxon explains how he unburdens himself with a thoughtful and minimal selection of gear. That’s so he can enjoy an excursion without a heavy pack on his back, because he prefers a nimble approach that’s particularly important when traveling with companions who just want to see the sights. Versatile zooms play a big part here, as does a fast, compact normal lens for reportage-style photos.

Lanxon say says good travel images often require capturing a moment that arrives and vanishes in a second. And that means becoming intimately familiar with a camera so you can switch settings immediately. One key task that you don’t often encounter with other forms of outdoor photography is the importance of environmental portraits, “capturing a slice of time” with local residents within the frame.

This video explains the foregoing and more, with tips and techniques that are sure to improve your skills. You can find other helpful tutorials like this, on a variety of topics, by paying a visit to Lanxon’s instructional YouTube channel.

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