Watch Pierre T. Lambert’s 3 Biggest Photography Mistakes of 2018. Did You Make Any of These?

As photographers, we all make mistakes. But are you brave enough to share them with the world?

Travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert is, and in the below video, he shares his three biggest photography mistakes of 2018.

“I’m going to open myself up to criticism, my own criticism, yours if you want, I don’t care,” Lambert says at the beginning of the video. “But it’s really important to remember…we’re always trying to improve, we’re always trying to get better, we’re trying to push our limits of our art, of our videos, of our photos, maybe in life or your business etc. And I think the best thing we can do as humans is actually being able to reflect on what we did last time and improve for the future.”

Here are the three mistakes Lambert made in 2018 that he doesn’t want to repeat again this year:

#3 Too Much Heavy Gear

#2 Didn’t Shoot Enough Details

#1 Rushed Through Photos

To counteract his mistakes of 2018, Lambert plans to spend more time in one location this year, to help him “capture the essence of that place a little bit better.” He also plans to give himself more “15-minute photo challenges” in 2019, which he says will motivate him to take more quality images in a particular area.

Check out the video below and then go visit Lambert’s YouTube channel to see what he did right in 2018.

bobinchicago's picture

1. Dropping a lens

2. Losing a circular polarizer because I twisted the threads, not the front

3. Letting my cardiologist put me on a prescription that made me too weak to pick up my camera, let alone go on a photowalk :\

Dan Havlik's picture

Good ones, Bob!