How This Travel Photographer Stays in Shape While on the Road (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever watched travel photographer Sorelle Amore’s videos, you’d know at least one thing about her. She is absolutely ripped. But how exactly does she stay so fit while traveling most of the year as part of her work?

We all know that it’s fairly easy to put on the pounds while dining on exotic cuisines and spending too many hours sitting in airport lounges waiting to catch a flight. Amore addresses all this in the below video titled “How I Stay Fit & Healthy Whilst Traveling Full Time.”

While the video is partially done tongue in cheek, it does answer a common question she gets from her fans and social media followers.

“To be honest, I really didn't want to do this video,” she says. “I think health and fitness is such an individual thing and everyone has their own opinion of it. Then everyone also has an opinion of everyone else’s body and finally, everyone has hang ups about their bodies, so it's just a topic I don't love to talk about. But you guys have asked, so I have delivered.”

Here are her tips and tricks that should help you stay healthy and fit when traveling with your cameras this summer as well.

#1 Carry Heavyweights Continuously

#2 Be Self-Absorbed

#3 My Workout

#4 What I Eat…

Just a reminder though, Amore admits that this video is “extra kooky” so take her suggestions with just a wee bit of a grain of salt (but skip the sugar, seriously).

“My queens and kings - we're all so perfect and beautiful as we are,” she explains. “Just stick to your health journey and give your body the love it deserves. Our bodies are so beautiful, and they carry us through this amazing thing called life. And that's enough of a reason to love our bodies.”

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