Photo Book Review: “Forever Young: Photographs of Bob Dylan”

In 1964, Look magazine recognized the then-23 year-old Bob Dylan as a very promising new star of the American music industry. Shortly before Dylan’s career rocketed him to the heights of fame, the magazine hired photographer Gilbert Douglas to photograph him.

It was an assignment that enabled Douglas to capture over 900 beautifully candid images of Dylan enjoying the company of his friends, fellow musicians and family or spending time in his favorite places. Soon after, with his star on the rise, Dylan became completely inaccessible to the public and Look decided to not publish the article and the images remained unseen for 40 years.

Forever Young: Photographs of Bob Dylan offers readers the exciting opportunity to view 75 images from Douglas’ collection. These well-crafted photographs open a window on the early 60s and the young unknown artists (soon to become timeless superstars) it gave rise to. The addition of the revealing text by Dave Marsh (Springsteen biographer) provides another level of insight and dimension to the book, making it a treat for fans both new and old.

Forever Young: Photographs Of Bob Dylan; photographs by Douglas R. Gilbert, text by Dave Marsh; Da Capo Press; $29.95; (ISBN: 978-0-306-81481-5)

See some of Douglas’ photographs of Dylan and order the book on the photographer's website.