New Book by British Astronaut Tim Peake Features 150 Breathtaking Images From the Space Station

A new book by British astronaut Tim Peake features a breathtaking collection of photographs he took while about the International Space Station (ISS.) The book is entitled “Hello, Is this planet Earth?” and features 150 stunning images—many of which have never been seen before.

We’ve shared images from the ISS in the past, and they tend to remind us of the fragile nature of planet Earth. As Peake notes, “I may have been 400km up, but I have never felt closer to Earth than when I was aboard the International Space Station.”

The name for the book arose when Peake incorrectly dialed his home telephone number from space when attempting to speak with his family. In addition to the book’s amazing photos, Peak shares notes he made during his six-month mission aboard the ISS.

“Hello, Is this planet Earth?” features a wide array of Peake’s images from space including photos of cities, mountains, deserts, and the Aurora Borealis. Upon returning from his mission, Peake said, “I have rediscovered the wonder of the place we call home.”

The book will be available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover and electronic versions. In the meantime, read our earlier story with images from the ISS, and visit NASA’s online multimedia gallery.