Photo Book Review: Portrait Pro, What You MUST Know To Make Photography Your Career

Author, pro photographer and educator Jeff Smith owns and operates two successful portrait studios and has written a number of helpful photography guides. In this book titled Portrait Pro: What You MUST Know to Make Photography Your Career, Smith uses his years of experience and expertise to help others learn the best ways to build and grow a successful business as a portrait photographer.

Many of us dream of owning our own studio and living the dream of being a full time pro photographer but the road to achieving that dream is filled with various challenges that can block your path to success. Smith uses an effective, no-nonsense style to teach the things every business owner must know and understand. The topics include: how to work with clients, developing good customer service skills as well as tips on how to boost profit and sales. Information that is vital to building your brand and standing out from the crowd.

Smith also explains the importance of perfecting your lighting and posing techniques in order to create top quality images and keep those clients coming back for more. This book contains information on every aspect of the business and craft with 180 full color sample images to illustrate each lesson.

Portrait Pro: What you MUST Know To Make Photography Your Career; by Jeff Smith; Amherst Media; $27.95; (ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-735-4)

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