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The Bowens 9Lite is designed specifically for digital photography and gets its name from the nine fluorescent pigtail tubes that screw into its main housing. Like Bowens Tri-Lite (see sidebar "Photographing Small Products") these are cold hot lights and each lamp head contains nine...

Rosalind Smith  |  Oct 01, 2003  |  0 comments

Bruce Myren, photographer, digital guru, and dedicated artist, is often cast in the role of the assistant who doesn't carry lights or equipment. He quietly trails into a shoot behind some of the area's top pros who don't happen to shoot...

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Scavenging For Images
Ya gotta love a site named Image Scavenger ( Behind its whimsical homepage, photographer Merrill C. Anderson has collected images that...

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The objects in Sal Lopes' latest photographs reveal themselves in surprising ways. Objects that appear insignificant to the naked eye become multidimensional as they unfold in full splendor in the darkroom. In one macro photograph a tiny rock takes...

Darryl C. Nicholas  |  Sep 01, 2003  |  0 comments

As some of you may already know, when you install Photoshop not all of the application is immediately loaded. There are many features and options that require further attention to become accessible. Photoshop "Styles" is one of those...

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The Photographer's Travel Guide

I don't believe there are any accidents in life. My friend from Seattle came to visit me several months ago. He wanted to catch up and go take pictures with me. After an uneventful afternoon, we decided to get something...

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Student Union

Carolina Day School
Asheville, North Carolina

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Picture This!

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment

Found Still Life

Some photographers spend hours (and days) in their studio arranging objects for...

Frances E. Schultz  |  Sep 01, 2003  |  0 comments

It's always fun to try out a new photographic printing paper, especially when it turns out to be as versatile as the new Paterson Acugrade Warmtone. It is a medium weight, Variable Contrast (VC), Resin-Coated (RC) paper with a semimatte, pearl...

Monte Zucker  |  Sep 01, 2003  |  0 comments

When we entered Red Square, itself, it was almost deserted. The weather was still cold and gloomy. It just wasn't very picturesque. Even though, I still wanted a record shot to show where I had been. I opened my 28-135mm Canon lens to its widest...