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Student Union

Southeast High School
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Sigma SD9

The long-awaited Sigma SD9 Digital SLR arrived in our offices and although we had a brief hands-on shoot with it during photokina last September this was our first opportunity to put it through its paces. First off, the...

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Seattle--as seen through the eyes of 35 children from local Boys & Girls Clubs--was interpreted on film and culminated in a gallery event at the Seattle Art Museum on November 19, 2002. Corbis--a leading provider of digital images based in Bellevue, Washington--made the whole project happen. This organization partnered with five Seattle-area Boys &...

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This month we're
beginning a new department here in "Shutterbug" we call Point
of View. Photography is a wide-ranging field that engenders passion in
its practitioners, and like all great forms of expression creates opinions...

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All Images by Greg Vander Houwen


Greg Vander Houwen describes himself as "an artist by nature; illustrator by trade"--one who often incorporates photography into his digital art. As he puts it, "My primary business is commercial illustration and user interface design." Vander Houwen believes that photography is a limited term these days, and...

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Photoshop Power Tools

You can build a house with hand tools but it'll go much faster if you use more power. I believe in using power tools for digital imaging, and, for me, the digital equivalent is Photoshop plug-ins. You...

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This park had a story that wanted to be told," says Vincent Versace, Los Angeles celeb photographer best known for his images of "the beautiful people" of Hollywood.

When the trustees of Presidio National...

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Master Class

Creating Backgrounds From Within The Original Pictures

This simple photograph was sort of fun to create. First of all, I had professional models and all the time in the world to make the image. It was made during a shoot to create an ad for the...

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Lesson Of The Month

Have you ever come across a portrait or architectural shot that looks as though the lighting was completely natural, only to find out later that it was artificially lit? It's a sign of a good photographer...

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Infinite Backgrounds

About 15 years ago I bought a front projection system for my studio. The way it works is something like this: You pop a slide into the projector and it shows up on the background screen. Put your subject in...