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The Recreations Of David B. Brooks

Each month in Shutterbug our own David B. Brooks reveals why he's an expert in the field...

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Student Union


Northwest College
Powell, Wyoming



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Stitcher 3.5

While there are film camera systems that are designed specifically to shoot panoramic images, digital photographers are currently without an equitable product. Making the task even more difficult is the fact that many of the professional-level digital SLR cameras...

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Still Using A Lab For B&W Prints

In the years BC (Before Color), black and white labs for amateurs were taken for granted. After that...

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Resonant Images

It is a spiritually rewarding experience to stand before the black and white photographs of David Fokos. The mood created by the large areas of rich blacks is haunting while the isolation of objects conjures...

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Playing With Perspective

We judge near and far, big and small by our innate sense of perspective. A sort of visual grammar, it orders the world around and ensures that we can get where we're going and that when we reach out to touch...

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I'm not going to tell you that resort photography isn't work--it is; but I'm not going to tell you that it's all work. I like to go early, stay later and bring the family. By going early I get...

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Master Class

But when a photograph is limited to black and white and tones of gray, one has to really know the ropes before he can tie...
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Lesson Of The Month

Recently, my wife and I undertook a long day hike through an old growth forest trail in Oregon, where we came across...

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Jack Holowitz

Jack Holowitz is the male half of the incredibly talented team of Jack and Nancy Holowitz from Springfield, Massachusetts. Nancy is known for her sensitive portraiture, and Jack has gained a great reputation for his eye-popping black and white work that includes nudes and...