Westcott Hosts Imaging Community With New Web Site Launch

The F. J. Westcott Company is building a place on its newly remodeled web site for imagemakers to share their knowledge with others and learn new ideas and techniques through discussion. Going live in July, 2008, the Westcott Community will offer a contest for the Top 100 Westcott Endorsed Pros, an Image Gallery, a Forum and an Ask the Expert advice panel.

The Westcott Community Image Gallery is a place for users to post images for the community to view. Sharing images allows for feedback from other community users, who can post opinions, suggestions and inquiries with each image. Having an image posted on the F. J. Westcott web site also allows for public recognition that might otherwise not be available to the imagemaker.

The Westcott Community also includes a discussion board. Interested imagemakers are encouraged to register online and view current topics and threads or create their own. Topics may be viewed by non-registered visitors, however only registered users may post comments. The discussion boards are an excellent source of information for quick solutions or ideas. For over 80 years, Westcott has been bringing innovative lighting products and accessories to the photography market. Much of the product development results from listening to our customers and the Pros in the imaging industry. Users of the community are encouraged to offer feedback on product uses and suggestions.

Another tool available to the community is the Westcott Expert. John Williamson, the new Technical Representative for Westcott, will be available for assistance on questions such as posing, lighting, ratios and more! With the numerous relationships Westcott has built over the years with Pros in the industry, well-known imagemakers will make appearances in the forums as well for further assistance and ideas.