Try This Classic Photo Technique to Tell a Story with Your Images: Chronophotography

It’s an antique photo technique that reveals the secrets of motion in images: chronophotography. Never heard of it? Well, you can learn more about this amazing technique in the below video from Light Club that explores “sequence photography,” which was invented in 1882 by Étienne-Jules Marey using a gun-like chronophotographic camera.

Marey’s camera shot 12 frames a second to create one incredible multi-exposure image showing motion in a single photo. The technique was later picked up by Harold Eugene Edgerton who used a stroboscope, and today is regularly employed by sports and extreme action photographers.

The enlightening and inspiring video below uses images by a variety of photographers including Jean Yves Lemoigne, Zak Noyle, Agustin Muñoz, Miguel Angel Lopez Virgen, Daniel Vojtěch, Mike Kelley and others to tell the story of chronophotography and why you should try it out today.

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