Here’s All You Need to Know for Great Sports Photos: Gear, Camera Settings & More (VIDEO)

Summer is a great time for capturing dramatic action photos, and this guide to sports photography covers just about everything you need to know to shoot like a pro.

Chris Hau specializes in sports, travel, and outdoor photography, and in the video below he offers a variety of valuable tips on shooting action—from gear, camera settings, and more. Mindful of the need for social distancing, Hau demonstrates his techniques while photographing a wake surfer from his boat.

Hau is a semi-professional wake surfer himself, and he explains that many of the tips in the video are equally useful for shooting all types of sports. He also provides a list of the gear he uses in the description below the video.

In just eight minutes Hau covers a variety of topics, including why you should “never shoot on Auto” and choose Shutter Priority instead. Other settings he discusses include burst shooting and the importance of continuous autofocus. He even demonstrates how to use a monopod while shooting from a bouncing boat.

For more details on these and other important tips from Hau, check out the video. You can find more interesting tutorials on his YouTube channel. And speaking of social distancing, don’t miss our recent “Exploring Light” column with six tips for safely posing models.

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