Serious About Phone Photography? Explorer Photo & Video Has You Covered

Despite the preponderance of accessories available for smartphone photographers, it’s rare we stumble upon something unique that stands out from the crowd. But that’s exactly what we discovered after receiving the Magnetic Phone Mount Kit from eXplorer Photo & Video.

The metal components of this kit (no cheap plastic stuff here) from the new LA-based company are thoughtfully designed and built to a very high standard. Intended for Apple MagSafe® iPhones 12 or later, these accessories can also be used by earlier iPhones or those of another brand inside a MagSafe® case.

We received the complete eXplorer $149 kit, which includes a tabletop tripod, a nice LED light, a magnetic mount, and a sturdy accessory arm with cold shoe for tying everything together. You can also purchase items separately: The Aura LED500 light sells for $69, while the magnetic mount with adjustable arm is priced at $49.

The strong magnetic mount is very secure and enables mounting your phone in an instant. We were particularly impressed by the tripod and ball-head, which are superior to similar options because of their precise construction and that fact that the legs can be adjusted flat to the ground for low-level shooting.

The eXplorer Aura LED500 Light is also impressive, and has a premium metal casing with convenient dials for adjusting output. It’s also rechargeable with the supplied cable. The kit includes a convenient pouch for storing the gear.

Whether used together or separately, these eXplorer Photo & Video accessories add an extra level of convenience and versatility when shooting with your phone.

We suggest taking a close look by visiting the eXplorer Photo & Video website where you will find complete details, be able to purchase these accessories directly, and find retailers in your area who carry the gear.

By visiting the company’s website can also see the full range of eXplorer tripods, ball-heads, LED lights, and other helpful photographic accessories.