5 EASY Smartphone Tricks that Will Make Your Videos Go VIRAL

We often share tips, tricks and advice to help you with your photos but, as every photographer knows, cameras and smartphones also shoot video, which can be a lot of fun to get creative with as well. In the below quick and easy tutorial, the popular Jordi Koalitic team presents five awesome and easy tricks that are guaranteed to make your videos go viral.

As usual with the Jordi Koalitic channel, there is no spoken narration in the video, just visuals and music, which allows you to follow along with their smartphone video demonstrations in a fun way.

Here are the five mobile video tricks shown in the video:

#1 Slow Mo Stick Throw

#2 Water Follow Slow Mo

#3 Exposure Trick

#4 Soccer Trick

#5 Wet Hair Flip

Watch the short and easy tutorial below and then go visit the channel for more creative videos including this one where they share 10 tips to make your photos go viral.