Nikon Issues Product Advisory for New D810 DSLR for “Bright Spots” Problem

The Nikon D810 has been on sale for less than a month but the company has already issued a product advisory on the 36.3MP, full-frame digital SLR. In a notice posted on the Nikon Europe website, the company said it has received “a few reports” from Nikon D810 users that “bright spots are sometimes noticeable in long exposures.”

Nikon added that the bright spots problem has also turned up in “images captured [by the D810] at an Image area setting of 1.2x (30x20).”

Cameras experiencing these problems can be serviced free of charge at Nikon service centers, the company said.

“They will keep your camera, and modify some of the image sensor adjustment values and update your camera’s firmware to resolve this issue. After servicing, the occurrence of bright spots in long exposures, and in images captured at an Image area setting of 1.2× (30×20), will be reduced,” Nikon wrote in the notice.

Apparently the company has known about this D810 problem for a while. Nikon noted that cameras “with a black dot in the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera body…have already been inspected and the necessary adjustments made to prevent this issue from occurring.”

Or in other words, if your D810 has a black dot on the bottom of it, they serviced the camera before it even got to you. If not, you can see whether your D810 might have the issue by checking its serial number here.

Read the full D810 product advisory from Nikon Europe here for more info.

A similar D810 advisory has also been posted on the Nikon USA website where you can also check your camera's serial number.