This Is the BEST Budget Full Frame Camera You Can Buy Right Now (VIDEO)

Everyone seems to be jumping on the full frame bandwagon these days, and there’s a lot to consider if you’re planning on making the move. Do you want to stick with a DSLR or switch to mirrorless? Should you invest in a new camera or consider buying used?

If you’re on a budget, a full-featured older model might be the way to go. So if you want to save some cash, perhaps to invest in new lenses, what’s the best budget full frame camera you can buy? Respected pro Matt Granger answers that question in the video below.

Clearly there isn’t one camera out there that will satisfy everyone’s requirements, and there are recently introduced full frame cameras that are less expensive that the model Granger has chosen. But the camera he recommends is “an absolute legend” that you can pick up for an awesome price in 2020.

Granger walks you through a matrix of features so you can choose the best budget full frame camera for your specific needs, and your ultimate choice may be different than his. Granger’s criteria include build quality, handling characteristics, the ability to handle fast-moving subjects like sporting events, pro-level features, high ISO capabilities, and superb image quality.

OK, let’s end the guesswork with Granger’s pick: It’s the Nikon D700 DSLR that he says was “absolutely revolutionary” when first introduced in 2008. While 12 years may seem like a lifetime in terms of camera technology, Granger explains why the D700 still an amazing camera today.

Bottom line: If you plan to invest in a full frame camera, the video below is a must watch. There’s more interesting photo-related content like this on Granger’s YouTube channel, and if you want find a great deal on the Nikon D700 Adorama is a great place to start.