Here’s How to Keep Your Camera’s Sensor Clean For Better Photographs (VIDEO)

Are you seeing random spots and squiggly lines on your photos? If so, it’s time to clean your camera’s sensor and employ some simple preventative measures so it doesn’t get dirty again.

While some folks prefer to send their camera to a service facility to clean a dirty sensor, you can accomplish the task yourself safely by proceeding with care. But more importantly, as you’ll see in the 10-minute video below, there are a number of very simply preventative measures you can take to prevent your sensor from getting dirty in the first place,

David Bergman is an accomplished sports and celebrity photographer, and in this tutorial on AdoramaTV he begins with a few preventative maintenance measures that will keep a camera’s sensor clean so you don’t have to go to step two. He notes that sensor dust or dirt is often most visible in bright blue skies when shooting with a small aperture setting.

Some modern digital cameras—especially mirrorless models—employ technologies to keep the sensor clean, but they’re not always effective and could use your help in keep the internals of your camera clean. Most of you know not to change lenses in dirty, dusty environments, but Bergman offers a few other effective suggestions that may not have occurred to you.

While Bergman prefers to have his cameras cleaned by a technician, many photographers have safely done it themselves. And Bergman walks you through the process of getting that done. You can see examples of Bergman’s fine imagery on his website, and find more helpful videos on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel.