New Xventure TwistX 360 Mounts Work With Any Camera & Rotate To Capture All Angles

Bracketron intros the new Xventure TwistX 360 line of universal rotating camera mounts built to capture all of your outdoor adventures. The 360-degree rotating base and the adapters make this device compatibile with any action camera, the TwistX 360 Buckle Adapter, Clip, Wrist, Hand, Helmet, Shoulder and Pet Mounts are gear kit essentials for travel, outdoor and sports enthusiasts.

The TwistX 360 Helmet Mount ($14.99) adheres to your helmet and works on most round and flat surfaces. The camera is secured using a thumb screw (or top screw), depending on your action camera. You can set the mount to rotate 360 degrees, or lock to stay in place. The Helmet Mount is lightweight to prevent neck strain. The TwistX 360 Wrist Mount ($24.99) provides unique shooting angles while hands are busy working, navigating and exploring. An adjustable neoprene Velcro strap fits all wrist sizes and makes your camera easily accessible for quick angle changes. The TwistX 360 Pet Mount ($49.99) captures the world from your pet’s point of view. The durable ABS plastic is lightweight, and the harness features padded material for maximum comfort. Pets up to 120 pounds can wear the camera on either the chest or back, with the adjustable mount—the material is also washable.

Bracketron’s new Xventure TwistX 360 series of mounts are safe for and compatible with all action cameras, including popular models like GoPro Hero, Sony HDR, iOn, SJCAM, Garmin Virb, Contour, Polaroid and many others. A 1Ž4” comb adapter is included with each mount. The line also includes Buckle Adapter, Clip, Hand and Shoulder Mounts, starting at $9.99.

More info on the TwistX 360 series here.