Jumping Out of a Plane with the Canon 7D Mark II and Red Bull’s Skydive Team (VIDEO)

Remember the Canon 7D Mark II? Well, we’re still waiting for a final production sample of that APS-C sensor-based DSLR to review but, in the mean time, you can enjoy this cool video clip (below) showing a photographer jumping out of a plane with a pre-production version of the 7D II.

The photographer is Wolfgang Lienacher and the camera was loaned to him by another photographer, Christian Anderl, who got his hands on the early sample unit. And since jumping out of a plane by yourself doesn’t always produce the most interesting footage, Lienacher  is joined by the Red Bull Skydive Team who perform aerial tricks for the camera.

Lienacher, who had the Canon DSLR mounted on his helmet, said he was particularly impressed with the 7D Mark II’s autofocus, which did a bang-up job of air-to-air tracking of the plummeting skydivers.

There’s more details on the camera jump on Anderl’s blog.