Is the Nikon D850 the Best Camera of All Time? These 2 Photographers Think So (VIDEO)

The Nikon D850 has certainly earned its fair share of accolades since it was launched in August 2017. We named it our favorite camera of 2017, and it also made the Technical Press Association International’s (TIPA) list as the Best Pro DSLR of 2018. Now two photographers and prominent YouTube personalities say the Nikon D850 could be the best camera of all time.

Don’t believe it? Well, watch the video below from Tony & Chelsea Northrup where they go through a point-by-point summary of why they love the Nikon D850. The Northrup’s D850 video review comprises eight months of testing and 17,000 photos, where they tell you everything they’ve learned about the D850. In the video review they shoot portraits, landscapes, time-lapse, sports, 4k video, street photography and more, while testing the camera.

“We’ve done a bunch of portrait shoots with the D850 both at Nikon press events and for our own business. It’s a workhorse,” Tony Northrup says during the portrait photography test in the video review below. “The colors and skintones look spectacular, the metering system finds faces and nails the exposure basically every time. The ultra-low base ISO 64 provides cleaner images than other cameras, providing the smoothest skintones.”

They do, however, have a few quibbles. They call Nikon’s Snapbridge the worst WiFi app of any of the major camera manufacturers, making it difficult to share the D850’s images wirelessly. They also note that, for sports, the D850 only buffers images at up to about 40 full-frame Raw photos, which means you could miss shots if you shoot too many large bursts. Furthermore, they’re not crazy about D850’s 3D Focusing system, which they say didn’t do as good of a job as the Nikon D5 and D500 for locking in on action shots.

Those complaints aside, the Northrups still call the Nikon D850 their “favorite DSLR of all time,” and the best full frame camera on the market right now, performing better than even the much hyped Sony A7R III. Watch their Nikon D850 review below and be on the lookout for an upcoming video on their YouTube channel where they put the D850 head-to-head against the A7R III.

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