5 Reasons You Should Buy the Nikon Df DSLR in 2018: An Underrated Classic?

We have sung the praises of the Nikon Df on Shutterbug several times before so it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones still infatuated with this retro-styled DSLR from 2013. Photographer Mattias Burling who takes second looks at recent classic cameras on his excellent YouTube channel has put out a video titled “5 Reasons to Buy a Nikon DF in 2018 - As underrated as it gets.”

We’ve embedded it below and it’s definitely worth watching for Nikon fans. Burling thinks the 16.2MP, full frame Df is, unfairly, “one of the most hated cameras ever.”

“I couldn’t understand why and, after using it, I’m even more confused,” he says. “When you get over the specs it doesn’t have, and instead look at what it does have, you find a gem. A quick and snappy full frame DSLR with external controls and a lowlight sensor with a very high dynamic range. What’s not to like?”

Here are Burling’s five reasons why you should consider buying a Nikon Df today (and yes, he knows it doesn’t shoot video):

#1 Price

#2 Size and Build

#3 Controls

#4 ISO Dial

#5 Image Quality

Check out the video below where he explains all the reasons and then read three other Shutterbug stories explaining our affection for the Nikon Df:

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