HDR Expose 3.1

Unified Color Technologies announced HDR Expose 3.1, a significant update to its standalone HDR image processing software. HDR Expose 3.1’s newest features, including faster merge and alignment tools, improved de-ghosting algorithms, a new panorama batch processing assist mode and a redesigned merge dialog, are designed to optimize any photographers’ HDR workflow and efficiently produce, high-quality, true color HDR images.


"We have consistently worked to change photographers’ views of HDR image processing and introduce new tools for unlocking creativity," said John Omvik, vice president of marketing for Unified Color Technologies. "The strike against HDR photography has been that the process of creating the most high quality images was time-consuming and stressed the resources of even the most powerful computer systems. We developed HDR Expose 3.1 to make HDR processing faster, smoother and simpler, and to stretch the boundaries of what’s been thought possible in the past."

HDR Expose 3.1’s full features include:
* New Panorama Batch Processing assist mode – HDR merge individual panels of a panoramic scene and tone map them as a group to provide even, consistent output that can be stitched into a wide panorama (or 360° panorama using 3rd party applications)
* Faster Merge & Alignment – Seamlessly merge images up to 35% faster* than in previous versions
* Improved de-ghosting algorithms – New manual controls offer more flexibility minimizing noise and removing ghost artifacts from moving subjects
* Redesigned Merge dialog – Makes grouping images for the merge process and selecting key frames easier than ever before
* DNG source filter option – Now filters DNG files separately from other RAW file formats
* Bug fixes and other optimizations

Pricing and Availability
The HDR Expose 3.1 update is available immediately and can be applied to all existing HDR Expose 3 licenses free of charge. New licenses for HDR Expose 3.1 can be purchased for $119. For more details on HDR Expose 3.1 or additional Unified Color Technologies products, please visit: http://www.unifiedcolor.com.