Easy Portrait Tips Page 2

5. Add a Prop

A well-chosen prop can add interest to a portrait. It's that simple. But don't let the prop dominate the shot.
Photo by Lynn Eodice

6. Tell a Story

You can add interest by shooting a portrait that tells a story in one shot. Come up with an idea (that's the hard part), gather a few props, find a suitable location, and you can make a portrait that tells a story. This one was shot for an actor's composite.
Photo by Jay Jorgensen

7. Shoot an Environmental Portrait

Another way to add interest is to shoot an environmental portrait. An environmental portrait tells us more about the subject than just what he (or she) looks like by placing him (or her) in his (or her) environment. This man is a painter, and here's one way to show that. Make sure everything is evenly lit if you want detail throughout the picture. Often the existing light is sufficient, as it was here.
Photo by Jay Jorgensen


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For amateur photographers, this tips is a useful idea to start with a good photography works. - Andrew Stolper