Canon’s New PROGRAF PRO-6000 Is a HUGE 60-Inch Inkjet Printer for Fine Art Photographers

Canon has unveiled the PROGRAF PRO-6000 large-format inkjet printer, which is designed for fine art photographers looking for uncompromising output in widths up to 60 inches.

Targeted at pros who want to step up in size from Canon’s other large-format printers, the new PROGRAF PRO-6000 is currently the largest 12-ink printer available from any manufacturer. According to Canon, the “Chroma Optimizer” clear coat included with the PRO-6000’s 12-channel system helps assure “spectacular image quality” for photographers and graphic artists who can afford the hefty $11,995 pricetag.

The PRO-6000 also features what Canon calls their “Crystal-fidelity” technology that’s designed to accurately render the clarity, structure and texture of images shot using Canon EOS DSLR cameras. The printer uses the same Lucia Pro ink system and Chroma Optimizer finish as earlier printers in the high-end PROGRAF Pro line.

Canon’s new PROGRAF PRO-6000 comes complete with Canon’s Print Studio Pro plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, along with Canon Digital Photo Professional software. The new printer is expected to ship next month for $11,995, and you can find more details on Canon’s website.

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