5 Easy Travel Photo Tips So You Don’t Miss a Shot (VIDEO)

Whether you’re planning a weekend adventure or taking a long overdue vacation it’s important to do things right, because it’s rarely possible to return to a scene for a redo of an epic memory.

The quick tutorial below with Canadian travel photographer/filmmaker Emmett Sparling will increase your odds of returning home with great images, thanks to his five simple tips for getting the job done. In barely six minutes he describes how to plan an adventure, pack the right gear, and capture photos with impact. He also reveals a few key considerations when traveling abroad.

Creating an itinerary is at the top of the list, in this video from B&H Photo Video. This involves a bit of research to decide the types of images you want to shoot, and selecting a few picturesque locations to visit in a logical order. Sparling advises keeping the itinerary “loose” so you have the flexibility to switch things up should an unforeseen opportunity arise.

Packing your gear also involves a compromise between having everything you need for shooting a variety of images, while keeping your kit relatively simple so you’re not overburdened while exploring the sites. Sparling says, “don’t pack more than you need,” with the reminder that, “you have to carry everything on your back, and that can get really tiring.”

Sparling also discusses the importance of a well-organized workflow so you don’t lose any images or footage, and the approach he takes when travelling differs significantly from what he does when shooting near home. He also reveals several of his favorite shooting tips for coming home with epic memories to enjoy for years to come.

Sparling’s instructional YouTube channel includes a wide variety of advice for photography on the road, so be sure to take a look.

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