This Is Why You Should Try Shooting Photos from a High Angle (VIDEO)

There are lots of ways to shoot photos from a high angle to help you capture eye-popping images from an elevated perspective. Of course, you can try shooting aerial images from a drone but flying one can be tricky and drones are expensive (and tend to crash).

Another way to shoot high-angle photos is to use a boompole, which is a long, telescoping pole typically employed so a microphone isn't seen in a shot during a movie shoot. But you can also attach a camera to a boompole by connecting a tripod head to the top, and then trigger the camera to take pictures via a remote app. This is what our friends from COOPH did in the below video to show you how to capture some unique shots from on high.

"This week, the COOPH photographers explored the freezing city of Salzburg from a different point of view, because sometimes you need a change of perspective," COOPH says. "Exclusively shot from above with the help of a boompole, they captured the city in new and unique angles. Check out the beautiful images they created and their tips on photography from above."

Here's a rundown of what COOPH photographers captured using a boompole in Salzburg, Austria. Watch the video below to see the cool results.

#1 Bridges

#2 Statues

#3 High-Perlapse

#4 In the Park

#5 Road Marking

#6 Architecture

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