7 Secrets to Crush Drone Photography, According to Pierre T. Lambert & Friends

Travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert admits he’s not a drone photography pro (in fact, he recently lost a drone when it crashed in the Philippines), so he teamed up with two people who are pros to create the below video on “7 Secretes to CRUSH Drone Photography Today!”

In the below clip, which features tips from drone imaging experts Mike & JP from Abstract Aerial Art, and Boyan Ortse of boyanoo, Lambert shares seven secrets to better aerial imagery, which are:

#7 Different Views

#6 Settings

#5 Use Filters

#4 Sync Your Footage

#3 Make It Different

#2 Research Before You Shoot

#1 Bracket for Exposure

Bonus Tip: Be Careful & Watch Your Drone!

Check out the video where he explains all these tips, including how to avoid drone disaster, in depth, and then go visit Lambert’s YouTube channel for a variety of great photography tips.