"Human Drone" Kacper Kowalski Shoots Amazing Aerial Landscape Photos While Paragliding

©Kacper Kowalski

Drones are becoming increasingly popular among photographers because they enable us to capture images from a perspective not typically possible otherwise. We say “typically” because Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski is what you might call a “human drone” who shoots amazing images while paragliding.

Kowalski’s show “Fade to White” is currently on display at New York’s Curator Gallery until December 3rd. As the exhibit’s curator (and former Editor-in-Chief of LIFE magazine) Bill Shapiro explains, “Kowalski sees the world in a way few others do. From 500 feet above the Earth in a paraglider, Kowalski turns everyday locations into perfectly composed yet abstract images.”

Kowalski believes, “The content of the photograph is less important than the questions they lead us to ask ourselves.” Hence, he refrains from captioning his images; preferring that his photographs speak for themselves.

As Kowalski told the New York Times, “Flying in my backyard and finding amazing, stunning, memorable beauty in the everyday is the thing I follow.”

Kowalski’s striking work has been honored by World Press Photo, The Moscow International Photo Awards and elsewhere, and has appeared in numerous publications worldwide. He currently lives in the port city of Gdynia in Northern Poland.

You can see more of Kowalski’s work on his website and Instagram page.