Photo Book Review: “Fashion Photography Next” by Magdalene Keaney

Fashion has many faces, from the normal casual outfit of jeans and tops to the extremes of fanciful designer creations. Fashion photography captures it all but the vision we see in the hottest magazines (rather than store advertisements) is often associated with the avant-garde runway style. In Fashion Photography Next by Magdalene Keaney, the viewer is presented with images that can be best described as bold and ultra modern (even a bit strange but always wonderfully memorable).

In the book, photographer, curator and author Keaney explores the work of 35 talented, emerging photographers who are certain to have an impact on the world of fashion as well as the trends that evolve from it.

This collection of 208 color images showcases the visual styles of artists such as Brendan Baker and Daniel Evans, Mel Bles, Kasia Bobula, Timur Celikdag and more. Keaney offers the reader crisp visions that range from sweetly romantic to hard edge punk and sleek futuristic.

Each chapter is devoted to an artist—or an artistic team—and includes text that highlights their careers as well as a critique of their work to date. Fashion Photography Next is both edgy and creatively inspirational due to the amazing diversity of the images and the level of expertise of their creation.

Fashion Photography Next by Magdalene Keaney; Thames & Hudson; $45; (ISBN: 978-0-5005-4435-8)

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