Photo Book Review: “Burning Man: Art on Fire”

Each year an ancient dry lakebed called the playa in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is home to the popular Burning Man arts festival. Thousands of people—68,000 attended in 2013 alone—gather together under the blazing heat of the summer sun the week before Labor Day to create Black Rock City, the beating heart of the event.

The participants, many of whom are artists and musicians, attend the festival to celebrate the spirit of community and the beauty of creativity and self-expression. Burning Man: Art on Fire by Jennifer Raiser with photos by Scott London and Sidney Erthal, is a detailed document of the iconic festival.

This fascinating book acts as a sort of virtual tour of Burning Man, allowing the reader to experience the sculptures—of various types and styles—and other artworks while providing an up close glimpse of the eclectic atmosphere of Black Rock City itself.

Featuring the only authorized collection of more than 200 images and informative interviews with the artists, Burning Man: Art On Fire reveals the motivation behind the art on display and the amazing amount of energy it takes to create each piece. While the city stands for only a few days the memories and experiences forged within it burn that much brighter.

Burning Man: Art On Fire; by Jennifer Raiser, photography by Scott London and Sidney Erthal; Race Point Publishing; $35; (ISBN: 978-1-93799-437-2)

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