Zeiss Lenses for Nikon F Mount

Zeiss ZF is a new range of interchangeable lenses for Nikon SLR cameras, both analog and digital. ZF lenses bring the highly acclaimed Carl Zeiss image quality to the Nikon SLR camera system, which has been the preferred equipment of millions of professional and ambitious amateur photographers for decades. ZF lenses can also be used on the Sinar m professional digital camera and a multitude of industrial video cameras using 3rd party lens adapters.

ZF lenses incorporate new technical advances from the Zeiss Ultra Prime, Master Prime and DigiPrime lenses for motion picture cameras.

Like the Zeiss lenses for motion picture, ZF lenses feature unusually high mechanical quality, fixed focal length, very precise manual focusing, reliability, and exceptional durability. Special attention is paid to guarantee absolute color matching throughout the whole range of lenses resulting in state-of-the-art image quality.

The Zeiss 1.4/50 and 1.4/85 ZF lenses will begin shipping in the United States in August 2006 at a list price of $624.00 and $1,249.00 respectively. Further lenses are in preparation and will be announced at the Photokina show in September.

Web: www.Zeiss.com/photo