Student Union - Robin Lasiloo

Music Box
"The assignment was to do a CD cover; this one's probably for a metal band. Some of it's from photos, but I got the shot glass into the computer by actually putting it on the scanner."
Photos © Robin Lasiloo, 2000

Robin Lasiloo
University Of New Mexico
Gallup Campus

Robin is enrolled in the two-year Electronic Publishing Technology Program at the University.

Photography's Part
"I started taking photography courses at about the same time as the electronic publishing classes, so photographs definitely play a big part in what I do. I'd always been interested in art and photography€and then the computer came along."

"The assignment was to do a self-portrait. My face is from a photo, the textures are from line drawings that I scanned in."

"At the moment, nothing more specific than doing something in art. But as a dream job, an ultimate ambition, I've always toyed with the notion of special effects, creature effects and computer-generated effects for movies. I think I'd really like to work with film people."

"Music, books, and art from all cultures. I soak up everything."

"Working this way gives me the opportunity to create my own reality, to put images that form in my head onto paper to share with other people."

"The project was to create a magazine cover. The flowers are from a photo; the figure started as a line drawing I scanned in. I created the type style, too."

Robin Lasiloo was recommended to us by Tim Knowles, an instructor in the Electronic Publishing Technology Program at the University of New Mexico-Gallup. Our appreciation also to Mary Beahm, coordinator of the Program.

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