Student Union - Rebecca Gizicki

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Rebecca Gizicki
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

A senior at Wayne State University in the BFA program with concentration in photography. Rebecca also works at the studio of professional photographer Ken Semproch.

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"The photo education at Wayne State is more theoretical and artistic than technical, but I transferred here from Henry Ford Community College, and it's there that I got the technical background I needed. At Wayne State I learned more of the expression of photography."

"My interests have always been fashion and art photography. A lot of my work just looks like fashion photography, often without me intending it to."

Plans, Goals
"I'm planning on going to graduate school for photography. My goal is to work for a magazine as a fashion New York or Paris would be nice."

The Work
"These pictures are based on dreams and memories. Photography is often used as a tool to record reality, but here I tried to record what wasn't real at all, but dreamed or imagined. I often flop negatives and use repetitive printing. I like to play with space and scale and create illusionary spaces. I feel I can apply these ideas to fashion photography."

"Julia Margaret Cameron, Ruth Bernhard, and the Pictorialist photographers, like Clarence White."

Rebecca Gizicki was recommended to us by Linda Soberman, a photography instructor at Wayne State University.

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