Student Union - Pippa Bianco

Pippa Bianco
St. Paul's School
Concord, New Hampshire

Mixed Media
When we talked with Pippa she'd just graduated from St. Paul's School and was getting ready to attend Yale University. She wasn't sure whether she'd be majoring in painting or photography.

"I'm pretty new to photography, only two years," she says. "I took it up because I wanted to branch out and try other media and see what it would be like." But after two years of study at St. Paul's--basic photo, digital, and one advanced course--she is certain that photography will remain an important part of her life. "I really love it," she says, "and I'm thinking about it as a career--perhaps fine art or even advertising photography."

All Photos © 2007, Pippa Bianco, All Rights Reserved

The images here represent darkroom techniques and a combination of painting and photography. "The fact that I paint influences my photography, and my photography influences my painting as well," she says.

Pippa Bianco was recommended by Charles Lemay, a photography teacher at St. Paul's School.

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