Student Union - Joel Foster

Cogswell College
Sunnyvale, California

The Rock

© 2004, Lynda Foster, All Rights Reserved

The photos here were taken by Joel Foster during a night tour of Alcatraz, when the lighting--or lack of it--dictated that for the most part he emphasize details over vistas. The images were made on print film, the negs scanned, and color saturation and tones manipulated slightly in Photoshop.

Joel will be starting his junior year at Cogswell College this fall, majoring in computer animation and film. He pursues still photography as a passion that might play a part in his future. He's aiming for a career in film production. "The long-term goal is to work for a company like Pixar or Industrial Light & Magic," he says, but in the short term a smaller company is a realistic starting point.

Joel has exhibited his photos--his work includes still life, portrait, and outdoor images--and he sells prints through his website,

Photos © 2004, Joel Foster, All Rights Reserved

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