Shoot SPORTS Photos Like a Pro with These 5 Tips (VIDEO)

Whether you’re shooting your favorite pro sport team from the stands or photographing a little league game from field level, there are several techniques you can use to make the best images possible. In the video below you’ll learn five helpful tips for capturing the action.

In this episode from B&H Photo Video you’ll join professional sports photographer Jean Fruth at a big league stadium and learn some of her secrets in just three minutes. Not a baseball fan? Well, the advice Fruth provides works equally well for photographing just about any live sporting event you can imagine.

The key to Fruth’s compelling imagery is that she thinks of herself as both a photographer and visual storyteller, and her diverse portfolio bears that out. She says she’s devoted to capturing the dynamism of her subjects and revealing the stories and emotions behind the photos she captures.

This tutorial begins with the importance of sharp imagers, and Fruth describes her approach to autofocus. She explains the various camera settings she prefers for different types of sports. By carefully configuring her camera for the task at hand, she’s able to quickly “create, frame, and compose the shot, and be ready to capture the athlete at his or her peak moment.”

When it comes to chasing the light, shooting sports is similar to other types of photography. If you’re a pro shooting from the sidelines with the freedom to move around freely, finding an optimum position is easier than if you’re sitting in the stands and confined to an assigned seat. But there are still things you can accomplish by concentrating on shadows, using different focal lengths, and carefully composing and exposing your photos.

Fruth also explains how you can give yourself the best chance to succeed by putting away your cell phone, avoiding other distractions, and concentrating on what’s likely to happen on the field next. Celebrations are also part of the game, depending upon who wins or loses, and Fruth urges you to plan in advance as the game progresses so you’re in the right place at the right time, with the correct lens.

You can find more interesting instructional videos by visiting the B&H Photo Video YouTube channel, and view a wide selection of Fruth’s work on her website.