Photographer Uses Backlit Action Figures to Create Realistic Scenes with Star Wars Characters

Sebastien del Grosso is a Paris-based photographer/graphic designer who is fascinated with Star Wars and super heroes. In his “Le Cosmos de Star Wars" series he uses backlit images of miniature action figures to create striking scenes that appear quite realistic.

For his Star Wars scenes del Grosso places toy characters on a light table and creates backgrounds from photographs or vector drawings he creates using Adobe Illustrator.

If you’re interested in getting some toy Yoda and Darth Vader characters and giving this a try yourself, del Grosso has posted a tutorial on Flickr that will help get you started.

Of course, del Grosso doesn’t stop with Stars Wars and has created scenes using other superheroes and video game characters. You can take a look at these on his Behance page.

There’s a lot more of del Grosso’s interesting work on his website and Instagram page. And be sure to check out our earlier story about a U.S. Marine who created some equally compelling composites using Star Wars action figures.