Latest News on Ilford B&W Products

In late August 2004, ILFORD Imaging USA Inc communicated that the accounting firm Grant Thornton had appointed partners Mark Byers, Malcolm Shierson and Les Ross as joint administrators of the UK parent company Ilford Imaging Limited, and joint administrative receivers of our UK affiliate, Ilford Imaging UK Limited. One of the major consequences of this action was the implementation of restructuring plans at all ILFORD entities worldwide. The first round of these changes have been completed.

With this action behind them, ILFORD Imaging USA Inc and ILFORD Imaging Canada Limited have announced a turning of the corner in reestablishing regular supply of monochrome products to the marketplace. Through collaboration with their manufacturing and marketing colleagues at the Mobberley plant, they have completed the rationalization of the ongoing product range, and are gratified to report few casualties. A summary of the changes: All brand varieties of B&W paper remain intact, although some slow-moving individual items have been removed. All major B&W film lines, including sheets film items are intact - the exception being the extended red sensitivity film SFX200 Chemicals are being produced under the ILFORD brand, and to their formulations under license, by an experienced 3rd party for distribution and sale by ILFORD

While there remains much work to be done, and significant decisions and actions to be taken, the immediate future for ILFORD Black & White photo products looks very promising.