The Goods: Our Favorite New Premium Photo Gear


Modern Classic
The V1D might remind you of certain classic Hasselblads of years gone by but inside it’s marvelously modern. While still only a “concept” model at the time of this writing, the V1D is designed as an updated, digital version of Hasselblad’s legendary V-series medium format film cameras. It will be fitted with a 75-megapixel, square-format image sensor and feature a modular design. We saw a prototype of the V1D at photokina 2016 in Germany and it looks pretty sweet. The body is machined out of a solid block of aluminum, and there are places to add modules on all four sides. The top and back surfaces of the V1D provide areas to attach various camera components such as displays, a viewfinder, and holders for accessories. Meanwhile, the left- and right-hand surfaces on the V1D have round fittings to add controls and grips. You can hold the camera with an attachable grip or use it without one, much like a classic V-series camera. One of the benefits of the V1D being modular is that left-handed photographers can configure the camera to fit their shooting needs. For instance, rotary dial controls for aperture and shutter speed can be placed on either side of the camera body. Hasselblad, at the time of this writing, has not said when the V1D would come to market or how much it will cost. But don’t expect it to be cheap!

Hasselblad V1D


Body Bag
Lowepro’s Flipside Trek bags not only look snazzy, they’re highly functional. One of the best features of these packs is their handy body-side access, letting you get to your photo gear without having to put the bag down. This has been available in Lowepro’s Flipside line for several iterations but the new Trek version adds a hinged panel to make it even easier to open the pack when, for instance, you want to change lenses on the fly. The bags come in three different sizes but the one in the middle—the Flipside Trek BP 350 AW—will probably suit most photographers’ needs. You can fit a DSLR camera inside along with lenses, a compact tripod, a 10-inch tablet, and other assorted gear. The bags feature Lowepro’s ActiveZone suspension system with a stabilizing harness and straps for greater comfort and a ventilated mesh back panel to help keep you cool. There’s also a built-in All Weather AW Cover for extra protection from rain, snow, dust, and sand.

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 350 AW




Instant Style
Leica turned heads recently when it unveiled the new Sofort instant camera: a compact, stylish model with an array of both automatic and manual features and a choice of color and black-and-white instant film. The Leica-designed camera comes in three colors—mint, orange, and white—and looks absolutely gorgeous. And for those worrying about the price implications of that signature red dot on the front of the camera, fear not; the Sofort instant camera carries a relatively modest price of $300. Leica designed the instant camera to utilize ambient light as much as possible before the flash kicks in. That means you can expect more natural-looking images than achieved with other instant cameras. Preset modes include Auto, Party & People, Sports & Action, and Macro. The camera also features multiple exposure, time exposure, self-portrait, and self-timer settings. The Sofort offers a variety of manual overrides for modifying flash output and focusing distance.

Leica Sofort


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