COVR Photo iPhone Lens Case: Take Candid, Stealthy Shots Without Alerting Your Subjects

We all know that people tend to become self-conscious with a camera pointed in their face, and the new COVR Photo iPhone Lens Case helps solve all that with a unique product that lets you take candid shots while holding your phone like a TV remote.

The idea is the COVR case will put your subjects more at ease even if they know they are being photographed so you can get better shots. But it's also a sleathly way to shoot images with your iPhone without drawing attention to yourself.

The key to this unit is a sliding lens with high-grade optics. It also features a rugged, shock-absorbent rubber core with an outer shell to protect your iPhone 6 without undue weight. The folks at COVR Photo say that holding your phone like a remote also makes it easier to handle and less likely to be dropped.

The unique housing lets you use the sliding COVR lens to capture still images and video from a unique perspective, or you can use your iPhone’s lens instead. You can pick one up on  for $49.95 with free shipping. (It is currently only compatible with the iPhone 6/6s.) 

More info here. Check out the video showing how it works below.

(Via BroBible)